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Tag, You’re It! When Hackers Tag Your Website, They’re Not Playing Around

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Penetration Testing

Playing tag as a kid was always fun, unless you were the one tagged! The chase might be short or lengthy depending upon the speed and maneuvers of your opponents. But win or lose, it was exhausting and harmless entertainment.

When a website is tagged by a hacker’s malicious code, it’s not fun and games. Business systems and company and customer data can be compromised, resulting in potentially disastrous consequences for the attacked business.

Bad actors may be getting more sophisticated, but they also look for the easiest and most vulnerable opportunities to exploit. Company websites are a primary target, and bad actors use many attack vectors to help them reach their goal. These can include Cross-site Scripting, SQL Injection, File Upload, HTTP Host Header Injection, Clickjacking, Authentication Bypass, known web application and web framework vulnerabilities, to name a few.

Act as an ethical hacker to test your own website

While there are many cybersecurity solutions created to thwart cyberattacks, many are reactive and will only detect malicious activity after an attack surface has been breached. Automated website security testing is a proactive approach that allows even small business owners to test websites for any vulnerabilities. Using the same attack approaches as bad actors through ethical hacking methods, website vulnerabilities are discovered and verified.

Automated self-service website security testing can be conducted on a regular basis to provide a clear picture of security gaps and close the windows of opportunity for malicious attackers through increased frequency of testing.

PurpleRidge ensures your website is never “It” in a hacker’s game

PurpleRidge offers free self-service website security testing that is easy to use and requires no specialized skills. Built upon award-winning Ridge Security automated testing software, it is a game changer in website security. 

PurpleRidge automatically discovers all exposed URLs, folders, and sub-folders, and utilizes a collective knowledge database of vulnerabilities, revealing potential security risks of the target websites. Included with our website testing is a free Summary Report and Attack Surface Management Report.

If the testing discovered vulnerabilities, and you would like more detailed information, a Comprehensive Report with vulnerability, exploit, and attack surface details, as well as remediation advice and tools for patch verification is available for only $299.

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