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How Every SMB Can Easily Self-Conduct Automated Website Security Testing

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Penetration Testing

You may be familiar with subscription vulnerability scanning services that examine software behaviors, variables, and configurations. The scanning is conducted periodically to identify flaws or weaknesses in digital environments by simulating known attack techniques that are used by malicious actors.

While scanning simulates software behaviors to detect threats using its database of known vulnerabilities, it can’t create all of the dynamic variables that exist within real environments. And because vulnerability scanning relies upon a database of threats, it can generate thousands of false positive alerts, many of which may represent no real risk to a business. These false alerts take up valuable time, and their distraction slows the mitigation of real threats.

PurpleRidge empowers you to discover deeper risks unseen by simply scanning

Automated website penetration testing is another security testing approach that conducts a detailed examination of real environments using ethical attacks that detect and exploit weaknesses.

PurpleRidge has developed free automated self-service website security testing that locates targets and uses ethical hacking to validate and report the vulnerabilities that are found.

PurpleRidge is built upon Ridge Security’s award-winning automated penetration testing software. Our automated self-service testing enables businesses to discover, analyze, and validate vulnerabilities with evidence. And unlike scanning services, PurpleRidge has zero false positives.

The free Summary report includes a great deal of valuable information, like an attack surface table and all the website surfaces that could potentially be exposed. If a vulnerability is discovered, our optional Comprehensive report can help you further, by giving you everything you need, including the evidence to see the vulnerability and the optimal approach to eliminate the risk. If you choose to buy this report, the cost is only $299. You only pay for the report if you absolutely need it to enhance your response to verified exploits.

Three key features differentiate PurpleRidge from other website security testing services:

  1. Free easy to use single-click self-service process to initiate automated testing whenever you want
  2. Follows the security best practices of the OWASP Top 10 Compliance model
  3. Zero false-positive reports streamline response and mitigation efforts by focusing on verified exploits

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