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PurpleRidge is Ideal for All Organizations to Verify Their Web Applications are Secure 

by | May 2, 2023 | Penetration Testing

Today, web applications and web sites are essential to successful operation of an organization and its ability to engage customers and generate awareness and support customers. Nearly all businesses and government agencies use publicly available web pages to advertise their organization and services, support ecommerce, find future employees and more. Cyber attacks against web applications are continually increasing, ensuring their web applications are secure is extremely critical to organizations. Unfortunately, effective penetration testing hasn’t been easily achievable for most, this is especially true for small and medium businesses, agencies, and workgroups. PurpleRidge from Ridge Security revolutionizes penetration testing and enables all businesses to easily and cost effectively test and verify the security posture of their external-facing web applications. 

While the value of penetration testing web pages is widely understood, many organizations and governmental agencies haven’t had the budgets, skilled cybersecurity analysts, or tools to conduct comprehensive penetration testing. However, organizations own the responsibility to secure their webpages and regularly test them to verify they cannot be exploited from cyberattacks. 

It is important to note that whether a business hosts its own web applications or employs a web hosting service, the business risk associated with their web applications being exploited from a cyberattack is always owned by the business.  

If a business maintains web servers to support its web application, it can perform penetration testing at-will. However, if a hosting service is used, the business will need to understand the policies from the hosting provider. Many web hosting providers will permit their customers to conduct penetration testing against their web applications after receiving permission and coordinating a testing time.  

For small and medium businesses that have not be able perform penetration testing and thought it’s beyond their grasp, PurpleRidge is an ideal alternative to traditional penetration testing. PurpleRidge is an automated penetration testing service, specifically designed for public-facing web applications. PurpleRidge delivers penetration testing and reporting capabilities that previously were only available to large organizations with formal cybersecurity teams. The benefits to businesses using PurpleRidge are: 

  • PurpleRidge does not request experienced cybersecurity professionals. It is easy to set-up with only minimal configuration requirements. Plus, detailed reporting from the testing is delivered in an easy to understand and prescriptive format. 
  • PurpleRidge has a comprehensive stack of built-in web application vulnerabilities security, attack surfaces, cybersecurity threats, to test – as well as provide expansive reporting for guidance on remediating web application security gaps identified. 
  • PurpleRidge web application penetration testing is extremely affordable and cost effective. PurpleRidge testing is performed for free and includes free Summary and Attack Surface reports. If vulnerabilities are identified, there is detailed report available for under $300 USD making it available to small and medium business, workgroups, and governmental agencies.  

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